Legal Solutions That Work



Executive Legal Training

Whether it is the latest regulatory changes or a refresher course on the PDPA or perhaps you wish to train your staff in certain specific areas of law.



Compliance can be tedious and a costly affair. At Quantum, let us help you with your compliance needs. We can help you to draft and customise compliance manuals, compliance plans, risk management frameworks, operational manuals,.

Legal Solutions

We believe in practical legal solutions that work. These may be your Employment Contracts or a contract with your vendors . We do not only help you draft your contracts, but we make it work.

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Are you starting a new business and looking for assistance to draft essential business documents for employees, suppliers and customers?   

Are you entering into a partnership or joint-venture and need to prepare the necessary joint-venture agreement documents?

If you are having new shareholders, we can help you draft a Shareholders Agreement.

If you have a business idea, trade secret or any key business information that needs to be protected, you will need a properly drafted NDA. 

Did you know that every organisation must have a personal data protection policy? There are also other policies in AML and Anti-Bribery that we can assist with as well.

We also provide Enterprise Risk Assessment and internal audit services to ensure that your organisation complies with all regulatory compliance matters within your industry.

If you are looking for effective alternative dispute resolution methods, we also provide mediation services from our Accredited Mediators.

Let our Certified Data Protection Officers manage your organisation's data protection needs and ensure compliance with the PDPA.


Very happy with the outcome of the advice given. Creative thinking at its best

There are many firms that offers similar services. But this is one that I am perfectly happy to recommend and say personally, that it is one of the best!

I have always found the law to be difficult to grapple with and the legal documentation and processes are horrible. I am extremely grateful for the amazing work done by VJ and his team.

If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable

Louis D. Brandeis